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Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein is now one of the best classic 3D Games ever made.
Kastelle de Rhennes is a 3D objective Map/Level for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory an entirely free online FPS 3D Game. To play the game all you have to do is download and install wolfet.exe and the 2.60 update and configure your client to accept auto downloads and ftp/http redirects. You're ready to play...
Kastelle de Rhennes - Europe
1. Here's the Final of the larger version for Europe (20MB):
Extract .pk3 file to etmain folder.
Kastelle de Rhennes - America
2. Here's the Final of the larger version for America (20MB):
Extract .pk3 file to etmain folder.
Small LMS for beginners
3. This is a small LMS test level for beginners:
Extract .pk3 to etmain folder.
2 Demos
4. Here are the 2 demos of Kastelle de Rhennes:
A. 2006-01-16-012357-kastellederhennes.zip
B. 2006-01-18-013031-kastellederhennes.zip
Extract .dm_84 file to etmain/demos folder.
5. Here are the screenshots:
6. Hellfile:
Read the Hellfile to learn how to make your own .pk3 level for Wolfenstein: ET with Gtk-Radiant 1.4: klpetgtk14hellfile
Present Version: Final, 3.4, stable, pure, clean, not quarky.
My ET Wolf Instructions
Steps to play the 3D online game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory with Kastelle de Rhennes:
1. Download wolf_et.exe about 250mb, is free! Install.
2. Download update 2.60. Install.
3. Configure your client with your first Profile and second Options Menu.
4. Start the game from your Start Menu.
5. In Options, System Menu choose Set Recommended and turn OpenGL on. Make sure your ftp/http redirect is on in Options, Game Menu. If you don't turn these on then you will get kicked and/or disconnected by Punkbuster. Also some outdate graphic cards have OpenGL issues and other problems...
6. Enable your Punkbuster, click on Join Server and the ETPro updates & kastellederhennes.pk3 will download automatically very fast to your game folder. Punkbuster will do everything automatically for client and server after install. You might need to run pbweb.exe in your pb folder now and then...
7. Press 'L' to enter the Limbo Menu in Kastelle de Rhennes level to make your first Character choices and read the objectives. Kastelle de Rhennes has lots of explosives so you can score a lot of points and do great tactics, like blowing up bridges, radio towers, finding the objective and returning it to base camp, to win the game! You can also pull off first...
8. The way to win Kastelle de Rhennes is to find the silver objective being Allies. Hold the onslaught of the Allies back for 90 minutes being Axis.
9. Keep it sportin' or get Kicked! If I encounter any abusive players in my level I will Ban you, too.
10. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions and/or problems then contact me.
11. It is recommended to play Kastelle de Rhennes at a min of cable modem or ADSL.
12. If for any reason, Noobie, it does not work for you to play Kastelle de Rhennes online then you can look at it in offline Server. Download at http://www.silverlingo.com in 3D Games.
LAN Parties are FUN, too!
13. I have 1 base URL
a. etmain
d. A Base URL in Host Game Advanced automatically opens the .pk3 file by redirect by adding the etmain/ folder automatically in client download path.
e. THIS MEANS YOU CAN NOW START YOUR OWN GAME SERVER WITH kastellederhennes.pk3 ON IT!! Do it... oh yessss... boing, boing boing... [(:-)] I, SGKRMAZZSilber will grant you great godly privileges & immunities if you do this and I see it...
ET Wolf Flags
The Netherlands Germany
Spain Zwitserland
My ET Wolf Statements
1. Kastelle de Rhennes has now been completed and no more renders shall be done.
2. I am however looking for more server map rotations to put it on, if you would be so kind.
3. kastellederhennes.pk3 is the Final Version and it is not suitable for Quake III.
4. It is not permitted, allowed or legal to rip someone's 3D Level concept: Do Not Do It!
5. It is permitted, allowed and legal to learn from someone's 3D Level: Learn From It!
6. Woohoo!! On 18012006 I activated Kastelle de Rhennes 1GBPublicETPro Wolf: ET Server at Clandomein.nl!
7. Such is, of course, no longer active but you can activate your own server with Kastelle de Rhennes by redirecting in your scripting to etmain
8. So tell all your Friends!!!! Since kastellederhennes.pk3 3D-Level and the hellfile are FREE and totally f'in amazin'!! Kastelle de Rhennes is one of the best Wolf: ET maps out there!!
9. [(:-)] MAZZSilber, after too many migraines, Quits Smoking and Retires at completed Final pure, stable, clean, not quarky Version 3.4 of Kastelle de Rhennes 3D-Level for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
10. HAHAHA...
"If you're gonna get kicked then get kicked high..."
"Nuthin' like a shadow warrior..."
"I love kidding, I love the kid in me, never forget the kid in you..."
"Ya... but I kept gettin' Numero Uno in RTCW Depot, so there! Nanananananaaa..."
"GG, LOL, WTF, watsup, lol, gg, wtf, hahaha, wahahaha"
Note: ALL these files are low-grade digital copies which need to be editted and are meant to be read, ONLY.
DO NOT make illegal publications, copying and/or distribution of ANY of these files. Keep the copyright intact.

If you are interested in publishing my If You Don't Fall Off Your Chair: Contact
Kastelle de Rhennes 3D Level 01
Kastelle de Rhennes 3D Level 02
ET Wolf Flags
America America
England Germany
Links to ET Wolf Sites
1. http://www.enemyterritory.com
2. http://www.rtcwfiles.com
3 . http://www.wolfmap.de
4 . http://www.wolfenstein.nl
5 . http://www.gamespot.com
6. http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com
7. http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/enemyterritory
8. http://www.activision.com
9. http://www.splashdamage.com
10. http://www.idsoftware.com
11. http://www.clanbase.com
12. http://www.insidegamer.nl/download/ wolfensteinenemyterritory
13. http://castlewolfenstein.com
14. http://www.jolt.co.uk
15. http://enemy-territory.4players.de
16. http://gamegate2k.com/game/enemy-territory
ET Wolf Flags
Czech Republic England
Russia Greece
Links to ET Wolf Servers
1. http://www.gameservers.com
2. http://forum.i3d.net/
3. http://www.clanpoint.com
4. http://www.creativehosting.nl
5. http://www.csservers.nl
6. http://www.flexgaming.com
7. http://www.game-hosting.com
8. http://www.i3d.nl
10. http://www.publicservers.nl
11. http://www.xtremeclanhost.nl
My ET Wolf Server and Wolf Clan Info
A. Server Info:
1. As according to Step 13 in My ET Wolf Instructions (just left of here) you can point your redirect in your scripting to etmain and start an online server with Kastelle de Rhennes.
2. You can also download Teamspeak free at various locations.
B. Clan Info:
1. SG Clan stands for Silver Gru Clan.
You can only be invited by me or already be at a min of a general of mine in The Free Show to use this Clan name. Colour: #CCCCCC
2. KR Clan stands for Kastelle de Rhennes Clan. You may choose yourself to use this Clan name since you lovvvve my custom large sized level! Colour: #0000FF
3. SGKR Clan stands for Silver Gru & Kastelle de Rhennes. I, Kyle Proudfoot, aka SGKRMAZZSilber am the only one who can invite you into my personal elite attack/defense squad Clan and we will play mostly in Kastelle de Rhennes.
4. Don't forget you cannot use (, [ , spaces and other special characters in your Nick.
5. Contact me and visit The Free Show
My ET Wolf Jokes
1. Make your .pk3 read-only... smirk... oh no... not againnn... pfff... wahahahaha...
2. Did you know Wolf: ET can Open your .htm page (homepage) at IP Adress and your fallback URL in server.cfg?
3. But I used to have 50Kbit/s upload = Noobie...
4. And then they tried to play Kastelle de Rhennes with 56k modems... grrr...
5. Let's do coad!! Coed...?
6. Is it Punkbuster or Punbuster or Punkburster?
7. I go if I alt enter Wolf: ET and the FTP while playing does this f'up the UDP...?
8. If I shoot a Noobie pooping in a dark corner of the map (f'in campers) does it count as a teamkill?
9. Lame was exploding him with a Panzer, oops, while charging the enemy & bouncing...
10. Ya..., that graphic card was a real outdate... talkin' about streamin' bullets 'n jumpin circles round the Noobies...
11. Ping is everythin'...
12. I'm now in god-mode in a fully insulated plastic-metal compound coffin at the bottom of the atlantic ocean in hibernation...
ET Wolf Flags
The Swiss Netherland
Spain United Kingdom
Kastelle de Rhennes Filters
Password: No
Friendly Fire: Yes
Punkbuster: Yes
Balanced Teams: Yes
Anti-Lag: No
Number Of Lives: No
Etpro: Optional
My ET Wolf Nickname(s)
SGKRMAZZSilber = SGMAZZSilber = KRMAZZSilber = MAZZSilber = SGKRMASSSilber = SGMASSSilber = KRMASSSilber = MASSSilber
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