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Date: 18, 4, 10, 2069  
X-Machine, now called FrontPsi or Front Psi , was a Hard Rock band with Blues and Rock & Roll influences.

My Music Group and Band and this Album is now called Front Psi or FrontPsi.

Singer: Kyle Lance Proudfoot
Guitar: Menno van Leeuwen
Bass: Mike van Hees
Drums: Erik van der Pauw

We started off as Pussy Trap with Adje Kilbourne as a founding Member on Bass and Olaf EatMe on Drums. The band name was changed to X-Machine after these two Member's left.

Now the band name has been changed again since a German band ripped off the name.

We did in total 1 live performance at Confusion and 4 live performances at De Franse Bulldog, both in The Hague. We were scheduled to do a live performance at Pop In Podium but we cancelled it due to band politics.

This album has 10 tracks recorded in Blue White Studio.

I hope you like our music cause we put a lot of effort, creativity, inspiration, talent and skill into it before everything went to hell. For example, no one could agree anymore in what direction the band should have gone and live performances take a lot of dedication, not to mention the whole lifestyle, so we went our own ways...

Don't let politics break up your band! When it is no longer about the music then it is already too late...

The band broke up in April 2006 after 2 years of playing together...

We decided to release the numbers as MP3's on Internet. Play them nice and loud using HD headphones so you show some courtesy to your neighbors...br />
My favorite one is Somewhere Along which also has a Music Video here and at YouTube. Don't forget to tell all your Friend's with smartphones!

Tks to ye all...

The lead track FrontPsi (The X-Machine) is inspired by The X-Machine a theoretical model of computation introduced by Samuel Eilenberg in 1974.

Obviously, it is also motivated by Telepathy, Telekinesis and the Frontal Lobes in our brains.


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