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Date: 18, 4, 10, 2069  
KLP Vids - Vid Jokes - Aliens Lookin' In are very funny, off-the-wall, take-the-mickey-out-of-anything Vid Jokes. These hilarious Vid Jokes are made not only of myself but also of funny things I see along the way in my life, at home and in society these days...

Playing on many vid recording and editting errors and B humor, I am fully unashamed to be 'B'. However, don't get me wrong, the editted versions are HD Ready quality in 720x576 wmv's which is DVD quality. Aliens Lookin' In is not technically a film or movie, since it has no storyline or plot, it is more like an unending project of Vid Jokes. It is, though, full feature length.

Hopefully these Vid Jokes will give you a smile and inspire you to do more funny things in your life, too... But, don't do this at home kids! The majority of these Vid Jokes are recorded at my home and outside with various props, since who has an expensive studio, anyway? Also, as my first Vid Joke Splash Screen states, technically I can do all of these Vid Jokes without copyright or other infringements i.e. look up individual vs. group photos. Now, if that's not funny, nothing is...

KLP Vids - Vid Jokes - Aliens Lookin' In humor project officially began on 05092007. KLP Vids - Vid Jokes - Aliens Lookin' In has technically speaking still not ended... tell all your Friend's you can watch them on your smartphone via YouTube too!


Some of my works are already published at AuthorHouse UK and others.

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