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Date: 18, 4, 10, 2069  
I started I Am In Art Compilation in 1990 in my Art course at High School with the NatureNSociety texture picture which inspired me and opened my mind to the possibilities and ideas which Art can give you... Art can free the mind, expand your horizons and offer a new perspective on reality itself.

I hope these pieces of SciFi Fantasy Black & White pen Art will make you creative too...

I am inspired by Picasso, Dali, Escher, magical fantasy art like paintings, posters and postcards and high resolution science fiction such as in Film's and 3D Games. Genres which deal with perception, reality and perspective are attractive to me. Hyper modern architecture is also appealing.

We are not per se going towards a cold steel and glass future... definitely not if you work curves into it...

However, with all the Science and Technology, do not forget Nature so quickly... likewise with all the Science Fiction do not forget the Fantasy...

I draw primarily in black and white, only now and then in color for front covers of books and other things, but I also do 2D/3D Object design such as in my two 3D Level's and other banners, animations, advertisements and so forth.


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