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Date: 18, 4, 10, 2069  
InterActivities™ is what I have made in Open Source Programming Languages to date. The first zip's are basic and the later ones get increasingly more advanced. My best performance so far is a custom PHP CMS called Silveradmin CMS Administrator - Version 1.2

My focus from now on will be PHP, CMS, phpMyAdmin, Apache and other interesting php applications.

Technically, I am both backend and frontend being also versed in graphic design. My present title or function is Webmaster, Web designer and/or Web developer.

I hope you like my scripting and can learn from it and apply it to your own websites in the strong movement of Open Source Programming Languages.

I have now surpassed my best performance so far: Silveradmin CMS Administrator - Version 1.3. Click on the link below to download the FREE Draft.

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