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Date: 18, 4, 10, 2069  
These are the websites which I have made myself or helped to build. I am a Webdeveloper, Webdesigner, Webmaster, Author, Editor and Translator (EN + NL) and this is My Online Portfolio.

If you are interested in having a website built for you then contact me and we can discuss the details. The minimum cost starts at 5000,00 bruto for a 10 page website with a CMS including text, images and a contact form. You can also choose to use my own custom PHP CMS for no extra cost. A more advanced website is more expensive but can be negotiated.

My skills and work experience include: Custom PHP CMS developed, Hollandse Markten CMS, PHP 5, phpMyAdmin 5, MySQL 5, Apache 2, XAMPP 1.7, WAMP, CSS 2, HTML 4, XHTML, Javascript, ActionScript 2, Magento Webshop CE, Adobe CS4, Adobe CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, Adobe Flash 8, Adobe Premiere Elements 4, Acrobat Reader 6-9, Dreamweaver 8, IE 5-9, FF 2-15, Chrome 10-21, Google, AdSense, Analytics, Yahoo, Social Media's (Facebook, LinkedIn, Netlog, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube), Online Marketing, Internet, Tools and Software, Server and Client Security, Microsoft Servers up to 2000, Microsoft Clients up to Windows 7, System Administration, Hardware, Wireless Hardware, 2D/3D Grafisch Ontwerp, Multimedia, Entertainment, Office 2000-2007, ASP, MS Access, ASP CMS and Forum developed.

For more possibilities, see my curriculum vitae.


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